Introducing a perfect product for new parents!

Capture your baby’s growth and development in their first year with 4 photo shoots

Baby’s First Year or check the newborn photo session packages

We have a wide range of props and backdrops available, so you can create a truly unique photo session

Introducing a perfect product for new parents!

Newborn photo shoot



timeless and most beautiful maternity and newborn pictures



photo shoot in Vogue style from 28 weeks



photo shoot for babies during the first 5-14 days

Baby's First Year

Baby’s First Year

Capture your baby’s growth and development in their first year with 4 photo shoots. Save precious memories for when they are a newborn, 3-month-old, 6-month-old, and 1-year-old.

Every moment is worth capturing!

Viktoria Iljin

Viktoria Iljin

Maternity and newborn photographer

About me

Hi! I’m Viktoria, a maternity and a newborn photographer in Tallinn, Estonia since 2016. Mothers trust me with their newborn babies photo shoots for quite a while. I’ve photographed more than 500 newborn babies. A newborn photo shoot in the first two weeks of a baby’s life is an amazing, incomparable type of shooting. Elegant minimalism, simplicity, and pithiness allow you to focus only on the baby. Such photos touch to the depths of the soul! I have collected the best props and original accessories from all over the world. I would also be happy to publish your photo shoot pictures in my portfolio with your permission.

See you at the photo session!

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